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About Us

According to the 2016 National Survey, conducted by EMD UK and YouGov, there are approximately 5 million people taking part in group exercise across England every month.  This equates to approximately 8% of the population, a number that has not significantly changed for some time.  New group exercise opportunities tend to attract existing participants rather than attract new participants.  This results in organisations across the sector competing against each other as the same small market is recycled.

To break this cycle, FitgroupUK was formed by EMD UK, the national governing body for group exercise. As an independent panel of experts from across the industry, FitgroupUK aims to focus, as a collective, on the larger inactive market (circa 15 million).  For the first time, FitgroupUK is uniting the industry to collaborate in key areas; to educate, to excite and to energise the inactive population. FitgroupUK has ambitious plans and is determined to make an impact.

The FitgroupUK executive panel consists of 12 group exercise key opinion leaders, who meet four to six times per year. These meetings aim to further the awareness and growth of group exercise in the UK. The experience of these individuals covers every aspect of the industry and allows for a greater reach and synergy across our sector.

FitgroupUK aims to improve the opportunities for everyone working in the industry. Using a combination of detailed insight on the non-participant market and the knowledge and resources from those working right across the sector, FitgroupUK can achieve a step change in participation.

Have Your Say

In June 2016 the FitgroupUK summits brought together key opinion leaders to discuss the future of the group exercise industry. The common themes were then put online and the wider group exercise sector was invited to rank them and add their own views.

That work has helped set the initial agenda for the FitgroupUK Executive Panel however it doesn’t stop there. We want to hear from all those working in the group exercise sector to understand your hopes, fears, challenges and opportunities so that we can find a way to tackle the common themes together.


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About EMD UK

EMD UK is the national governing body for group exercise, serving the needs of the group exercise sector.  With decades of experience and a strong focus on insight, they identify and realise emerging opportunities and provide the necessary resources to support and develop the sector.  EMD UK collaborates with both public and private bodies to ensure group exercise remains central to the government’s healthy nation agenda.

EMD UK’s mission is to increase participation in group exercise by supporting teachers and organisations to deliver excellence which in turn helps them work towards their vision of a healthier nation through exercise.

If you would like more information on EMD UK please click here to visit their website or follow @EMDForLife on Twitter.